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NYC Mesothelioma Lawyer

When asbestos exposure leads to cancer, your life will never be the same. Get the compensation you’re entitled to by working with an NYC mesothelioma lawyer.

Mesothelioma is a rapidly developing cancer that is often caused by exposure to asbestos. Unfortunately, workers in certain industries are sometimes exposed to this substance during the course of their job duties—sometimes without realizing it until it’s too late.

When you’ve suffered an illness such as asbestos cancer because of your job, you deserve to be compensated for the medical care you’ll require. At Finkelstein, Meirowitz & Eidlisz, LLP, we believe in helping injured workers, and an NYC mesothelioma lawyer from our firm can help you get the benefits you need to help you and your family through this difficult situation.

What Is Mesothelioma?

When workers breathe in asbestos fibers, the toxic material gets trapped in their lungs and can eventually lead to the development of a form of cancer called mesothelioma. While it can take decades for the disease to develop and manifest symptoms, it is extremely aggressive once the tumors do form. It typically affects the lining of the lungs, heart, and abdomen. Sadly, there is no cure; only the symptoms can be treated.

Workers can encounter asbestos in any number of ways, although certain professions present a higher risk than others:

Collecting Benefits for Asbestos-Related Cancer

No matter how long it took for your mesothelioma to develop, you’ll be eligible to file a claim seeking compensation. The last employer you worked for whose work exposed you to asbestos will be responsible for your compensation. Your NYC mesothelioma lawyer will need to build a case that proves where and when you were exposed, as well as how your asbestos exposure led to your cancer.

Once done, you will be eligible for benefits to compensate some of your losses:

  • All current and future medical bills related to your mesothelioma treatment
  • Up to an $800 weekly wage replacement
  • A death benefit of up $800 per week for surviving dependent family members

This is not a simple process, so you won’t want to take it on alone. The employer is likely to deny that the asbestos exposure happened under their employment, possibly suggesting that you encountered it while working for a later employer or during your personal life while off the clock. Furthermore, the insurer likely won’t give you the full value of your claim, so it’s critical to have someone on your side who can maximize your compensation benefits.

Connect with an NYC Asbestos Cancer Lawyer

If your job has left you with asbestos-related cancer, or if you lost a loved one to the same, you’re eligible to receive compensation to help you cope with the aftermath. Finkelstein, Meirowitz & Eidlisz, LLP can help you get the most from your claim.

Don’t risk accepting less than you deserve or having your claim denied. Instead, schedule a free consultation with an NYC mesothelioma lawyer and find out how we can help you. Just complete the contact form on this page or call us at 212-385-9190.

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