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How Do I Find a Top NYC Workers Comp Lawyer?

After getting hurt in an on-the-job accident, it’s crucial that you move quickly to file a workers compensation claim. To get the best results, teaming up with a top workers comp attorney is essential.

However, if you’ve never been in this situation before, you might be unsure about how to begin your search.

If you’ve been asking “How do I find a top NYC workers comp lawyer?” Finkelstein, Meirowitz & Eidlisz, LLP is here to make things easier. Below, we share the most important factors a top lawyer should have in order to give you the best chance for a successful work comp claim.

Skilled Negotiator

When it comes to seeking any type of benefits, whether for a workers compensation case or for a Social Security Disability application, having an attorney who is a skilled negotiator is key. Too often, victims are left without the full benefits they need because they were unable to successfully negotiate them.

Our attorneys understand how important this factor is. That’s why each of our lawyers is highly skilled in determining which benefits our clients need and building the strongest case possible. We excel at putting you into the strongest negotiating position possible.

Extensive Practical Experience

When searching for a top workers comp attorney, it’s important to consider the types of cases the firm has previously handled. There’s no industry that is free of hazards, which means that anyone in any career could find his or herself filing a claim.

To ensure that your application is successful, you need to team up with a top attorney who knows how to handle a case in your field of work.

Finkelstein, Meirowitz & Eidlisz, LLP represents injured workers in a variety of different careers: corrections officers, construction workers, office employees, factory workers, healthcare professionals, and more.

Our broad range of experience allows us to serve injured workers of all types in a professional and effective manner.

Knowledge of New York Workers Compensation Law

An intimate understanding of local NYC ordinances is key to a successful work comp claim. Your attorney should be fully familiar with all the relevant statutes and filing deadlines to ensure that your application has the best chance for being approved.

The lawyers at our firm have spent decades working on workers compensation cases. This provides our team with all the necessary knowledge of the relevant laws and requirements. Our clients never have to worry about filing errors or wondering what benefits they’re entitled to.

Help from a New York City Work Comp Attorney

If you are preparing to file for work comp benefits after an on-the-job accident and need a top attorney, we can help.

Get in touch with our experienced lawyers today to discuss your work accident and take the first step toward recovering workers compensation. Fill out our online contact form below or give us a call at 212-385-9190 to get started with a free case evaluation.

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