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How to Find the Best Manhattan Workers Comp Lawyer

It’s not as though you wanted to be injured at work, but it happened. What are you supposed to do now? You’re already dealing with the physical pain and emotional trauma your accident has caused you, but now you’ve also got financial stress topping the pile.

You may need to file a claim for workers comp, and you probably don’t know how to do that if you’ve never done it before.

The first step in filing your claim is speaking with a workers comp attorney who will help guide you through this confusing process. But first, you need to learn how to find the best Manhattan workers comp lawyer for you.

What Makes a Great Workers Comp Attorney?

Visualize the characteristics you want your attorney to have. If you could pick your attorney’s qualities yourself, what would they be? The following characteristics are going to be helpful:

  • Would your attorney be experienced? Our firm has successfully resolved over 22,000 workplace accident cases, getting our clients the benefits they needed to move past their workplace injuries.
  • Would your attorney take your phone calls? What good is having an attorney if he or she is never available to answer your questions? We will walk you through the workers comp process and be there for you the entire way.
  • Would your attorney focus on work comp? Many attorneys will take any case that comes their way, from criminal law to family law and everything in between, but this doesn’t serve clients well. You probably want an attorney with a focus on workers comp law because that attorney will serve you best.
  • Would your attorney have a proven success record? We’ve successfully settled countless client cases, resulting in over $200,000,000 recovered for our clients. We’d be happy to help you, too.

Get in Touch with a Manhattan Workers Comp Attorney

Hopefully, you now know how to find the best Manhattan workers comp lawyer for you. When you hire a workers comp lawyer with Finkelstein, Meirowitz & Eidlisz, LLP, you’ll be giving yourself a great chance of getting the workers comp benefits you need to get over your workplace injury.

Call for your free case review at 212-385-9190, or enter your information into the contact form on this page.

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