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Manhattan Factory Accident Lawyer

Being injured in a factory accident can leave you worrying about how you’ll pay your bills while you recover. Fortunately, a Manhattan factory injury lawyer can help you file a workers compensation claim to get you the financial benefits you need.

Factories can be dangerous places to work. The heavy equipment and machinery mean accidents can happen even when you’re being careful. Regardless of whose fault it was that you were injured, you can recover workers compensation benefits if your accident took place on the job.

You may be unsure of how to go about filing a claim, but a Manhattan factory accident lawyer can help you through the whole process. We can walk you through filing the paperwork, gathering the evidence necessary to prove your case, collecting documents from your doctor, and ensuring everything is done correctly and on time.

Injuries That Frequently Occur in Manhattan Factories

Workers at Manhattan factories and warehouses have a higher risk of being injured than workers in other industries. When you work around machinery, you must be extremely careful, but even then, you can still be seriously hurt.

Here are some of the injuries that are common in factory and warehouse accidents:

  • Traumatic brain injuries often occur as a result of slips, trips, falls, falls from a great height, and falling objects.
  • Back, neck, and shoulder injuries often result from excessive bending, lifting, twisting, and carrying heavy objects.
  • Broken or fractured bones often stem from falls, slips, and trips.
  • Repetitive stress injuries, including carpal tunnel syndrome, joint injuries, shoulder, knee, and arm injuries, occur because of repeated motions on the job.

What Kinds of Accidents Cause Serious Manhattan Factory Injuries?

Factory workers can be seriously injured in a variety of ways. Some of the more common ways that workers are injured in factory or warehouse settings are listed below:

The Benefits of Workers Comp

When you’ve been injured in a Manhattan factory accident, you’re entitled to recover compensation for your injury. Workers compensation is designed to give you financial assistance when you’ve been hurt in a workplace setting. Workers comp can provide the following to injury victims:

  • Wage replacement payments
  • Injury-associated medical costs
  • Disability
  • The expense of household services
  • Death benefits to the family of a Manhattan factory worker who is killed on the job

Meet with a Manhattan Factory Injury Attorney

Have you been seriously injured in a factory or warehouse accident? You deserve benefits to provide for yourself and your family while you’re unable to work. It will take time to recover from your injury, and you should be allowed the peace of mind of knowing your bills and medical treatment will be taken care of.

First, you’ll need to get your workers comp claim approved. To do that, start by calling a Manhattan factory accident lawyer. We’ve resolved over 22,000 work injury cases. Call Finkelstein, Meirowitz & Eidlisz, LLP at 212-385-9190 to get your free consultation. You can also reach us by completing the form below.

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